Greeting from My Cafe

Описание игры
This is a Baroque style Cafe, Kabuqinuo.You may decorate the cafe by yourself to make good wish to your friends. Do not forget to leave behind his or her name in the card. 这是一间融入了古典气息和现代节约风格的咖啡屋,在这里不仅能喝到浓郁的玛琪雅朵和细腻的卡布奇诺,还可以通过对咖啡屋的装点向好友送上祝福。别忘了留下ta名字哦!
Как играть
点击三角按钮进入游戏。将陈列的各种家具拖入咖啡屋任意摆设,不喜欢的家具直接拖入右上角垃圾桶扔掉。摆设完成后请点击“show”按钮获得向好友祝福的明信片,记住填上名字哦! Press the triangle button to Start the game. Drag the decoration from the bottom interface and arrange the Cafe. At last, fill in your friend name in the postcard to make good wish to him/her.