Everlasting Maths Worksheet - Multiplication

Описание игры
An online maths game with an almost infinite supply of maths multiplication problems to solve.
Как играть
On the opening screen you will find that your mouse pointer turns into a hand over the three types of problems you can choose. Choose a type of multiplication sum that you would like to try ranging from single to three figure problems. The Questions Once you have clicked on your choice, a random question will appear which you have to solve by clicking on the numbers in green in the white boxes at the bottom of the blackboard. Sums in the second and third level have a green box around the numbers that you should solve first. On screen graphics will tell you what to do if you are not sure. You will be told visually and audibly whether you have got the answer correct or not. When you are able to try the next sum, the Next Sum button will become active at the bottom of the board. At anytime you can try a new level by clicking on the New Level button at the bottom but be aware that your score will drop to zero and any stars earned will be lost. The question number, scores and stars will be kept only if you move to the certificate screen and back to the same level. Tables To help with you there is a Tables chart at the top of the screen. It's the yellow tab with CLICK TO LOWER TABLES on it. Click this and the chart showing the Times Tables from 1 to 9 will be shown. Click the chart again to raise it back to the top of the blackboard. Clicking this chart does not alter your score but does affect how many stars you are awarded (see below). The Tables chart has the numbers 1-9 along the top and also down the left hand side. Take one of the two numbers you are multiplying together and find its row down the left hand side. Follow this row along until you are in line with the column which has your second number at the top. The place where the column and the row meet is the answer to the two numbers multiplied together. For example 5 X 4. Find the number 5 in the darker yellow column down the left hand side. Follow this row along to the right until you are under the number 4 in the darker yellow row at the top of the table. Where the row and the column overlap you will see the number 20. Bonus Stars One gold star is awarded in a level, each time you get 10 answers correct without using the Tables described above. Any stars earned in a level will be shown on your certificate. Please note any stars earned in one level, are lost if you try another level.