Joyverter Store

Описание игры
Taking care of a video game store is definitely not easy. Sometimes you have to serve demanding costumers, earn trust from big game console distributor, restocking your supply and sometimes you might find some ‘unexpected’ costumers too. Joyce Verter, a geeky enthusiastic girl gamer has just made a deal with Joyverter Entertainment to open a new video game store near the beach where she lives. Luckily for Joyce, she has 3 little assistant that will help her to watch the store while she sits at the owner desk eating her potato chips. Now it is up to you to help the new game store to survive on its daily basis and do you have what it takes to become a video game store owner? Go play this game to find out about that.
Как играть
1. Use your mouse to click the right machine that will give you the right item for your costumer. Make sure to give the right item to the right costumer. The store clerk will not respond if you are giving the wrong item to a certain costumer. 2. Each costumer will have their own time limit and if you make them wait too long, they will leave the store without buying. 3. Each machines will have a limited stock of three and you can restock item by pressing the numerical number 1-6 according to the machine number. (1: PFP, 2: NBS, 3: Wee, 4: Xcube720, 5: Playairport3, 6: uPhone) 4. Each time you restock, your money will decrease a little in order to pay the store’s distributor. PFP, NBS and Wee will cost you $50 each time you restock while Xcube720, Playairport3 and uPhone will cost you $100 for each time you restock. 5. Beware of Robber and Hobo that is going to come to your game store every now and then. Use “W” and “S” button to going up and down and press “Space” in order to kick these unwanted costumer out of the store.