Описание игры
Roid Blaster is an addicting game of blasting your way though an asteroid belt to get home from a long mission. Friends are saying..... "This is not your average shooter" Excellent explosions, great game play and effects! Enjoy and be top player on the net with Roid Blasters...... .
Как играть
When the game starts use your mouse to move your space craft. You'll see that your craft always fires plasma rounds. (No need to hold the mouse button down ). You have only one life, so score as many points as you can to be top palyer of Roid Blasters on the net. You will notice that in the upper right corner there is a Ring Blasters counter (you start with 5 Ring Blasters). Use these in the event that you are in trouble and need to destroy all roids that are to close to your ship that might hit you. To use your Ring Blasters, press left mouse button and any roids that are close to your ship will be destroyed by a blast ring. Every 200,000 you'll get a chance to pick up more Ring Blasters by destroying Red and Blue Orbs that will enter the asteroid belt. About the Asteroids.... All the Asteroids have a hard shell that needs to be penetrated before they can be destroyed. Special light tanish asteroids are very tough and take many hits before they are destroyed. These are magnetic roids. When they enter the belt all other asteroids are sucked in and held until you destroy these magnetic roids. These also move towards your ship and if it hits your ship, you will die unless you destroy them before it reaches you. Hint, as soon as you see these, position your ship under them. Beware that after they are destroyed all the asteroids that are sucked in will be released..!! The magnetic roids are not effected by the Ring Blasters so don't waste them. Tip: Survive!