Shadow Snake

Описание игры
Stylish arcade game with fresh mechanics. You control the spirit of the snake who wants to escape the Temple of Shadows.
Как играть
Newgrounds: 4.02. Featured. Top-2 daily. Kongregate: 3.7. Featured. Top-5 weekly. The snake is controlled by mouse. Just move your mouse and the snake will follow your movement. Avoid black demons on the level and self-intersections (drop armor in normal mode). Collect appearing sunshine pieces to charge the portal in the center of the room, open it and escape. Green pieces on the snake tail indicate your life bar. Don't loose all of the life points. Bonuses: * Small and big green energy - restores your life points and gives you additional armor pieces when your life bar (on the snake tail) is full * White orbs - destroy all the demons on the screen * Shield in the orb - gives you invincibility for a few seconds Hardcore is a more difficult game mode, which is opened after successful completion of the normal game mode. It has more enemies on the levels with higher speed and is more fun for advanced players.