Описание игры
ShieldAvoider The game is of the type avoider/surviver. The player (green ball) tries to avoid the enemies, represented by red balls. Around the player orbits another ball which acts as a shield to the player, destroying any enemy in contact.
Как играть
MOVEMENT – MOUSE SHIELD – LEFT MOUSE BUTTON Use mouse to move player, avoid all enemies. When pressing left mouse-button the shield rotates around the player, use this shield to kill the enemies. However you need energy for it to work properly. You gain some bonusscore if clearing the area before the timer runs out, and if you do not kill them, it will soon become crouded… show more The game ends when youre hero touches an enemy. This game was made in one day, and is my first game published. I hope it will get me some feedback on my programming style and hopefully make me do better games in the future. Please feel free to give feedback! EDIT: Added a immortal hunter preventing camping. You now have to move constantly. /wolfheat